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As a Professional Counsellor, my work with you includes: A safe place to meet with warm and comfortable surroundings, confidentiality and respect cultural safety. A range of Counselling therapies, non judgement. Together we will find the right solutionz for you!

Personal Issues

Are you feeling sad, alone, frustrated, angry?, and it's hard to talk about?

Whether it’s the loss of someone close, being unemployed, marriage breakup, parenting difficulties, depression or anxiety, no one feels these potent emotions for nothing, there is always an underlying reason. If you are coping in a way that is detrimental to your health, like using drugs and alcohol, you will need to ask yourself where is this drink (drug) going to take me? And yet I understand the need to numb it all away, sometimes personal stuff is too hard to deal with, without some kind of buffer.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma

There is nothing worse than a secret that cant be told, because it is shrouded by guilt and shame. There is nothing worse than reliving a traumatic experience in your head, without it ever ‘seeing’ the light of day.

There is something freeing about unravelling the secret, and letting it go. There is something powerful that will happen for you in your journey of discovery.

Work Place Issues

During the course of our working life, most of us will have a problem at work. Whether its an ever increasing (or decreasing) workload, a disagreement with a co-worker, rapid change, low or missed pays, we will always encounter something that has to be dealt with. Life is like that, unpredictable and challenging!

There may come a time when you will need the expertise of an EAP Counsellor, to help reconcile a serious issue that is affecting you at work.

Caring For Carers

If you are a family carer, or a family member welcome. I am a counsellor experienced in recognising the issues that family carers (and their families) face as they go about the business of caring for their disabled loved one. From diagnosis to treatment, from pre school to school, respite, transitions, negotiation with the powers that be for particular services to Needs Assessment & Service Coordination.

Cultural Issues

In Aotearoa/NewZealand we have Maori or Tangata Whenua (the indigenous people of the land), and Pakeha NZers (descendants of Britain and Europe) who make up the largest cultural group in the country.

Maori and Pakeha signed a treaty, known as ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ or the Treaty of Waitangi, and so began NZ society, one nation, two peoples.

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