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Cultural Issues

In Aotearoa/NewZealand we have Maori or Tangata Whenua (the indigenous people of the land), and Pakeha NZers (descendants of Britain and Europe) who make up the largest cultural group in the country.

Maori and Pakeha signed a treaty, known as ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ or the Treaty of Waitangi, and so began NZ society, one nation, two peoples.

Over time we have welcomed many different people here from around the world, and they have made Aotearoa/New Zealand their home. Whether they are people who made a choice to immigrate here, or people who have had to flee their homelands they are now part of the dynamic and diverse landscape of this land that we call home.

I am a bicultural Practitioner, having trained in both Maori and Monocultural environments and different models of Practice. I work with Maori who are dealing with various cultural issues, in a way that is appropriate to where they are at. Due to historical, political, social incidences in our journey we are frequently faced with situations that challenge our belief and value systems. We have become a diverse people as a result of this, and I am a counsellor who is aware of the conflict and compromise we have made and continue to make to get where we are today.

I also work with people of other cultures, in any area they wish to work on. I have learnt over the years to think more outside of my square, and be more sensitive to the worldview of others. I think being Maori also helps me to work, as well as I can with people of other cultures. And people always have the option of finding someone who is of their own ethnicity, I totally support their choice. Kiaora, Mereti

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