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Personal Issues

Are you feeling sad, alone, frustrated, angry?, then something has happened in your life that you find hard to talk about.

Whether it’s the loss of someone close, being unemployed, marriage breakup, parenting difficulties, depression or anxiety, no one feels these potent emotions for nothing, there is always an underlying reason. If you are coping in a way that is detrimental to your health, like using drugs and alcohol, you will need to ask yourself where is this drink (drug) going to take me? And yet I understand the need to numb it all away, sometimes personal stuff is too hard to deal with, without some kind of buffer.

The thing is... don’t give up there are things you can do, people you can talk to, other ways of coping until the pain passes forever, and that is what I am here to help you with. Being able to express, what is going on for you in a safe and understanding setting is a good place to start. Finding the right person who is professional, ethical, confidential is important to anyone, and that is why I make it a point to provide the right therapeutical client care. Safety, Confidentiality, ethical practice are the basis of my Counseling Practice, because it’s about providing the right counseling setting.

You can grow your trust, your faith in others, (and most of all) in yourself. If you are wondering, where you can go, who you can see, to start your healing journey that is what I do. You will go from sad to insightful, alone to comfortable in your own skin, frustrated and angry to reflective and thinking outside of your square. You will gain the strength to carry on and live your life to the max! You are the only one who can make the changes you seek. Luck Always, Mereti

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