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Professionals Seeking Support

If you provide services for others, professionals who work with people, whether you are a Teacher, Social worker, Community worker or Manager check out how we can support you.

Counselling, External Supervision, Cultural Supervision, Professional & Clinical Supervision, CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management), Consultancy (Training, Cultural, Facillitation, Mediation).

I am are keen to work with the following provider groups: Individual Professionals / Practitioners / Providers Organisations / Community Agencies Maori / Iwi Providers Disability Providers Managers and their staff.

I will have office space in Feilding and Palmerston North, private and neutral.

External Supervision

External Supervision is an overarching professional support system, outside of your place of employment. It is there to help you work to the best of your ability with your clients. It helps you deal with stress, any trauma that you may have had on the job, workload management, discharging stress about any workplace conflict. You can discuss professional development ideas or issues, which can help you make the most efficient decision for your professional development needs.


Cultural Supervision

The Cultural Supervision that I provide is intended to help you to work more sympathetically (congruently) and effectively with your Maori clients. It is also intended to help grow cultural sensitivity and awareness.

For Maori Practitioners it will be a source of support in all areas of their work, in whatever work environment they are in. A place also to discuss Maori Models of Practice and any issues particular to Maori culture and people.

Clinical & Professional Supervision

Do you find that you are becoming more stressed from your work? Are you taking your client work or other work problems home? Do you feel confident to speak to your inhouse supervisor about everything that may be affecting your work?

These are only a few areas that External Supervision can help you work through/resolve. For a full list of issues and to work out what comes next.

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