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External Supervision

Supervision sessions can be with an individual or a small group. As an independant Provider I can provide an approach that is holistic and multifaceted, aimed at helping you as a person as well as a professional. One of the benefits supervision provides is time out for you, and a safe space to 'dismantle' contentious issues, that may be affecting you in your work. This service is for Professionals who work with people, whether you are a Teacher, Social worker, Community worker or Manager - External Supervision will help you both personally and professionally.

What is External Supervision?

External Supervision is an overarching professional support system, outside of your place of employment. It is there to help you work to the best of your ability with your clients. It helps you deal with stress, any trauma that you may have had on the job, workload management, discharging stress about any workplace conflict. You can discuss professional development ideas or issues, which can help you make the most efficient decision for your professional development needs.

Work and Life balance is also an important aspect of external supervision. If you work for yourself (in Human or Social Services) you are welcome to talk and seek clarification about any Practice/Business related issues. Some Supervisees also bring study issues. Care is also given to the processes that you as a Practitioner may be experiencing on a personal level, working with people brings its complexities.

External Supervision offers you a neutral space, in which to ’download’ and it also provides information, clarity, guidance, challenge, insight and validation for you and the work you do.

Who is it for?

External Supervision is available for employees in: Community Work, Social Work, Mental Health, Maori Health Providers, Human Services, Formal Carers, Disability Service Providers, Counsellors.

If I decide to contact you for external supervision, what can I expect?

An initial meeting of 20 mins to see if I am the right person for you If you would like me as your external supervisor, we will meet again to discuss our contract. The contract will cover both of our expectations, fees, and what your supervision needs are. If you work for an agency, I will write up another contract which will cover: Fees, a Brief on what supervision will cover, meeting times and frequency. How I will meet their expectations. Having said that, the content of what we talk about in Supervision is treated as confidential unless there a personal safety issues/risks that need to be discussed openly. You can expect, timely, effective, informed and caring supervision from me

You can expect a respectful and safe environment in which to discuss all issues. You will feel, lighter, happier and more confident in your work. That your supervision needs will be met.

Where to from here?

Contact me for an appointment, I am a trained and experienced Professional Supervisor. You will be given a 20m free session, to meet with me, discuss your supervision needs and find out how I can help you.

A New Service:  By May 2018 a Business Skype programme will be installed. This means that Supervision for long distance Practitioners will be available. Very reasonable fees with a trained, experienced supervisor. Please email me to discuss This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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