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Clinical & Professional Supervision

If you answer ‘yes’ to more than 3 of the following questions, then keep reading

Do you find that you are becoming more stressed from your work?

Are you taking your client work or other work problems home?

Do you feel confident to speak to your inhouse supervisor about everything that may be affecting your work?

Are you or have you experienced vicarious trauma, from working with clients?

Are you experiencing burnout symptoms? Do you think you need a mentor?

Are you talking to everyone(outside of work), about ‘whats going on at work’?

Do you at times experience ‘transference’ or ’co-transference’ when working with clients?

Do you at times experience ‘parallel process’ when working with clients?

Do you need help to negotiate a new system (eg: Family Court / ACC counselling)

Are you working with colleagues or clients from a different culture?

Do you think that everyone’s the same? Do you have trouble understanding others?

These are only a few areas that External Supervision can help you work through/resolve.

Where to from here?

Contact me for an appointment, I am a trained and experienced Professional Supervisor. You will be given a 20m free session, to meet with me, discuss your supervision needs and find out how I can help you.

Key Terms

In-house: Your team leader or Manager provides organisational supervision.

Vicarious trauma (or Secondary trauma): A feeling of being traumatised, shocked from a clients (own) story.

Burnout: Happens when there is no supervision or support in your work, where there may be high work hours, very little timeout, sleep. Your ability to work effectively and efficiently is less, feelings of depression, hyper vigilance, tiredness, distraction, detachment are increasing.

Transference: Feeling as if the situation has happened before or your client reminds you of someone (in your past) you (didn’t like), and you are feeling the same feelings towards the client.

Co-transference: The client reminds you of someone in your past, but you also remind the client of someone in his/her past that she did/didn’t like and that had an effect on his/her life. Parallel process: When what is happening in your client’s life is happening in yours, eg: you are both having marital problems. You may become biased and lose objectivity because you sympathise with the client. It is important to stay focused on what your role is.

A New Service:  By May 2018 a Business Skype programme will be installed. This means that Supervision for long distance Practitioners will be available. Very reasonable fees with a trained, experienced supervisor. Please email me to discuss This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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