CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)

Critical Incident Stress Management is a response system developed specifically to assist people who have suffered a trauma, shock or disaster.

CISM helps people to defuse the incident and come slowly and safely back to the reality of now.

The specialist support that is provided helps people put things into perspective, allowing the mind to process (every part of) the trauma which (in turn) helps the person to come to terms with what has happened.

The CISM process is used to help both groups of people and individuals.

I am experienced and trained in the area of trauma counselling, this has been helpful in understanding the dynamics of trauma and how it affects the individual. I have also attended intensive training in CISM by the Seed Organisation and their trainer ICISF The (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) Australia.

Some symptoms of Critical Incident Stress are: Feeling numb Denying/blocking out what has happened Jumpy Feeling very anxious Flashbacks (imagery and auditory) ‘playing’ the scene over and over in your mind Feeling defensive and moody I provide CISM services as part of the SEED EAP response team in the Manawatu.

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